Making conversational learning experiences with Oppia

Abstract We present Oppia, an open-source, interactive online learning site that aims to create a community of everyday learners by allowing users to both teach and learn from each other. The Internet presents great opportunity for more accessible and collaborative learning. With online learning there is more potential in harnessing collective intelligence to support peers in sharing knowledge with each other and collaborating on learning experiences. Oppia contributes to the CSCW community by tapping into this potential and shifting the focus of online education towards greater peer-produced educational content and peer interaction.

Contributions As a User Research Lead, I help Oppia with conducting user interviews and proposing UI/UX fixes.

Affiliations UC San Diego Design Lab, Oppia Foundation

Collaborators Tricia Ngoon, Sean Lip, Amit Deutsch

Explorations are structured in a conversational form
Tutors can customize the interactions they wish to have with learners
Tutors can create branches based on learner response
At any point of each exploration, learners can leave feedback for tutors

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