Nice to meet you! You've reached Rachel's portfolio. 🙌

I'm currently a second-year, MS-HCI student + a Diversity & Inclusion Fellow at Georgia Tech. I recently graduated from UC San Diego and interned as UX designer at IBM.

I'm drawn to the intersection of psychology, technology, and culture; specifically, I enjoy thinking about the dynamic between digital tools and the way we exchange information + values. (Curious?)

Outside of classes, running and reading are a part of my daily routine.

I want it that way: online produce shopping

Online produce shopping lacks the sensory experience customers get in stores. How does the buying experience look like, when customers don't have control over what they receive?
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Introducing design thinking in higher education

How might we design interventions that empower students to become design-minded intrapreneurs? We present Cookbook, a community to help faculty bring design thinking into the classroom.
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Supporting a culture of designing for accessibility

How might we support IBM product teams to learn and practice designing for accessibility, so they feel empowered to create inclusive products?
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